Sustainable thermal-acoustic cladding and insulation solutions

Exterior and interior cladding solutions with single-layer material

From simple painting and whitewashing services, the Paint Company Dotti Ettore Srl progressively expanded its offering to include other works and operations for façades and walls of residential and commercial buildings, including the design and installation of thermal insulation cladding for all kinds of properties and needs. Relying on our experts for thermal cladding installation is the ideal solution for insulating your home: we take care of all necessary steps, from wainscot to the finish coating of façades, using high insulating efficiency materials.

The advantages of thermal-insulating cladding for a building:

  • adequate thermal insulation for buildings, against humidity and mould;
  • improved acoustic comfort of interiors;
  • higher quality of the air you breathe at home;
  • removal of thermal bridges of the building enclosure;
  • less energy waste and consequent economic savings in bills;
  • access to tax bonuses for thermal cladding;
  • a new look for the external façades of your home.

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