Interior and exterior painting

Tailored solutions for walls, partitions and façades, with professional paints

Our company’s painting offering for interiors and exteriors mainly focuses on the painting of iron and wood, with the ultimate aim of achieving fine results, special visual effects and superior aesthetic value, fulfilling our customers’ tastes and requests.

The use of professional painting products by top suppliers of the industry is the key to delivering a quality service and end results: for exterior paint jobs we use long-lasting paints, such as synthetic ones, and for the painting of apartment and work interiors, we use water paints, for a salubrious environment and to significantly reduce the odour of paint once the job is done.

Types of paint jobs

  • Spray painting
  • Professional airless painting
  • Wood painting
  • Metal painting
  • Beam painting
  • Window painting
  • Painting of wood and metal works

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Fireproof painting




Renovation and manteinance

Thermal and acoustic insulation



Cleaning of aluminium façades


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