Projects and painting works for renovations

Renovation of old halls, historic façades and ancient abodes

Throughout its multi-year experience, the Paint Company Dotti Ettore Srl has consolidated its competence in the execution of pain renovation, wall renewal and masonry restoration works in a multitude of settings, restoring interiors and the exterior façades of historic buildings, villas and churches to their former glory.

We also provide a complete offering, with the execution of all interior and exterior wall renovation works and the restoration of lost decorative elements with the use of plaster contour moulds and other masonry techniques.

Painting and façade renovation for


  • villas;
  • churches;
  • antique rooms;
  • historic buildings;
  • noble abodes;
  • hotels;
  • former convents.

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Fireproof painting



Renovation and manteinance

Thermal and acoustic insulation



Cleaning of aluminium façades


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