Tadelakt decorations and coatings

The artisan Moroccan line for ecological and refined plaster jobs

Our company is specialised in the execution of original Tadelakt, a type of exquisite decoration for interior and exterior walls originating from a Moroccan plastering technique dating back thousands of years, for embellishing hammams, restrooms and humid environments.

Today, Tadelakt coatings for bathrooms, walls and floors are especially appreciated for the multiple characteristics and advantages this technique offers: the waterproof plaster is extremely water resistant and contains nothing but 100% natural materials, making it green, ideal for ecological homes, perfect for creating exquisite finishes in colour, characterised by a selection of special visual and aesthetic effects.

Original Tadelakt: preparation and application

Tadelakt plasters are applied using a special artisan lime made exclusively in the ancient kilns around Marrakesh, Morocco.

Soils and oxides can be added to the natural colour to achieve desired hues, which are then applied as a plaster and then smoothed with special river stones. The base is left to rest for a month and then coated in bees wax mixed with carnauba vegetable wax, both melted in an electric burner.

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