Certified fireproof painting

Fire protection for walls, ceilings and floors

Fire prevention is a top priority in construction and real estate; painting and whitewashing can also help protect the structural elements of buildings from fire. The service offering of Paint Company Dotti Ettore Srl also includes fireproof painting for walls, floors and ceilings in homes, apartments, residential and commercial buildings, hotel facilities and industrial warehouses: we use special anti-fire paints and fireproof paints for wood, iron and other construction materials, authorised fire resistant professional products that respect health and slow down combustion and carbonisation processes.

Certification of intumescent treatment with paints and fireproof painting

Upon the completion of works our technicians issue necessary certifications as a guarantee of compliance with fire protection regulations for used products and fireproofing treatments, ensuring maximum safety standards.

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Renovation and manteinance

Thermal and acoustic insulation



Cleaning of aluminium façades


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